I know this to have a lot of truth from player's mouths. Dwayne grew in confidence from SCum win last year (m)

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By Barrett777 on 19:51:53 01/10/19
[In reply to "Could the same have been said about Haskins last year? Physically ready but not mentally ..." by jh6847, posted at 19:44:40 01/10/19]

Offense had to be really simplified when he came in. JTB had an amazing command and could make quick reads out of any play or look.

Dwayne grew tremendously over the off-season, and continued to improve his mental command throughout the season.

Many do not understand how much a QB has to process real-time, and all the preparation it takes to be in a position to process it all. It is why Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Phillip Rivers lack most of the physical attributes of a cannon arm, and super athleticism yet they are three of the best NFL QB's of all-time. They have supercomputer brains that process 100's of things in split seconds.

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