I wonder how Tate is seen in house. He has not been seen well on social media,,,,

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By jh6847 on 19:54:56 01/10/19
[In reply to "Urban either fired an intended direct shot, or had a big unforced error (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 18:41:56 01/10/19]

Think about Urban and Day both. Think about the QBs that they have had. None of them were loud mouths. They were all good kids.
Think back to BG, Utah, Florida for Urban. None of the QBs was a loud mouth.
Tate did not look good prior to the basketball game.
He was dividing the locker room. No player is above the team. Especially when you have just gotten a player that is his equal or better.
Tate made himself expendable.
I think the bb game was not just Urban. I think this was a thought out and constructed scenario. Help Fields feel at home and at the same time put the kid who has been mouthing on notice that it will not be tolerated.

But think back to last year. Who did the coaches and the WRs gush about? It was not Tate. It was Baldwin.

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