Plus remember GM is a SEC guy. Do you really expect him to say the B1G just outdid the SEC?

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By jh6847 on 20:03:37 01/10/19
[In reply to "I know this to have a lot of truth from player's mouths. Dwayne grew in confidence from SCum win last year (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 19:51:53 01/10/19]

That being said I think most players who are physically gifted are usually behind in the mental part of the game. Why? They did not need it. They were the most talented player by far so they never had to work at it.
Examples - Pryor - a freak athlete - not a student of the game
Vince Young - An amazing athlete. Not a fan of film study

I can go on but you get the point.

I think Fields will be fine. He just needs all the throws with the ones in spring ball.

Could be why there are no tears in Columbus tonight.

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