The "bring it on" part of his bravado was great. The "don't swing and miss" part was a red flag...

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By A Little Bit of Lenny on 05:44:12 01/11/19
[In reply to "Good luck to Tate. I think he sealed his fate with the staff..." by losu1, posted at 04:18:21 01/11/19]

No problem at all with Tate bristling at the question of would he transfer if Fields came here, his reaction was that of a competitor who was confident that his talent and experience in the program was going to put him in the driver's seat. I really liked the comments about "I love my teammates and would do anything for them, they know that."

Then,the thinly veiled shots at Fields on Twitter gave the opposite impression - a guy feeling threatened and vulnerable, and not someone willing to compete with a highly regarded future teammate.

My guess is he's personally hurt by the whole thing, and lashed out when all he's worked really hard for seemed to be taken away when Fields indeed made the move. He felt it was his turn and he earned it,and it had to hurt to see Day bringing in Fields.

Tate is very talented and will thrive in the right scenario, I hope he finds it.

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