the “red flag”is on you not Tate. Kid came to OSU. Beat out, recrruited over, leaving & you are still

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By Carlos Danger on 06:11:01 01/11/19
[In reply to "I don't know him, only knowing what I have read or seen of him. Some observations, " by Crabapple Buck, posted at 05:59:42 01/11/19]

And your picking apart his character defaults. If Frohm went down, Fields stayed at UGA, most of these people bashing Tate’s personality now would be rallying around him.

I’m happy Fields is at OSU. I think he is elite and better. Not sure why the need to slam the kids faults on the way out. I’m guessing you have a few. But thousands aren’t tweeting them at you

I can't put my finger on it, but he comes across as someone with a chip on his shoulder. Maybe he thinks he has to since he is shorter than most QBs or something else, but that is the vibe I got from him. When I read where he was buying Twitter followers, I thought that was a red flag. He was someone who wanted to project he was a big deal on social media. Maybe its just me being an old guy, but his play was not so great that I would have just handed him the job because of "time served".

: On the plus side, when he was redshirting, he gave the team some great looks on the scout team. Maybe as he got closer to actually playing he became more difficult.

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