This is ridiculous. You’re guessing and attacking a kids character because of the jersey he no longer

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By Carlos Danger on 06:19:58 01/11/19
[In reply to "Thinking about Tate and his play style. It seemed like the coaches lost faith in him long before the UM game...." by jh6847, posted at 06:03:12 01/11/19]

Wears. Fields pouted At UGA this year and was caught on tape bitching after a win because he wasn’t playing. Interesting you aren’t attacking him or making negative assumptions about him. Hypocrisy.

Funny that adults here want these kids to take the high road when they make up scenarios that cast them in a negative light. Why not just say, good luck.

Attack a kids play. Talk about his lesser talent. He has less than Fields. Why make up scenarios and make negative assumptions. Kid loved OSU and lost out.

Remember the play where he was running it and at the last second pitched it to a receiver who was behind him? The shot of the coaches on the sideline made it seem like that was not supposed to happen.
: After that play I really do not remember them putting him in a spot where he had to make decisions. Yes, against UM they had him run up the middle but that is not a decision type play.

: Then think about his off the field decisions - messing around with a teammate to be girlfriend? That does not help in the locker room. A very poor decision. Then do any of the guys trust him?

: Then the Twitter attacks on Fields. Publicly attacking a teammate. Once again a poor decision. Once again, is he going to attack me would be the thought in each players mind.

: What is the one thing any coach does not want? A distraction for his team.

: Tate, while being a fiery player, has been a distraction. Let's be honest Haskins was not a happy camper whenever he got taken out and Tate got put in. You could see it on his face. Was that Haskins not being happy for his teammate because he was selfish or was that he was not happy because Tate is a jerk? Watching Haskins celebrate when others succeeded and the way he handled sitting behind JTB I would lean to say he is not that selfish.

: I think there is more that was going on behind the scenes that we will never know about.

: Remember Urban is a master at psychology. There was a very specific message in the basketball game. A message that both Urban and Day wanted sent.

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