Sime of your points are fair but not all

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By losu1 on 06:23:24 01/11/19
[In reply to "Confirmation bias here for you, an OSU fan. Its a talent upgrade. Rest of your attack " by Carlos Danger, posted at 06:01:38 01/11/19]

: On the kids character when he’s 16 is sad. Fields is seen coming off the field bitching and moaning after a UGA blowout win because he didn’t play in a game this year. He’s pouted.

: They are kids and Tate reacted the same way many kids do, like Jalen Hurts did. They act out because things are being taken out of their hands, they feel hurt and helpless, and too young and inexperienced to cope like adults.

: Attacking his leadership is dumb. Look at Cardales tweets early in his career. Look at JTBs DUIs. Look at Carlos pushing a girl. OSU makes talent upgrades and for Tate, he is getting a lesson that life isn’t fair. Maybe his first. And he’s getting while millions analyze him/it in real time. Cut him some slack and just wish him well.

Tate chose to take his attacks to the public. That’s different than behind the scenes missteps which, as you say, are definitely leadership issues. I do wish him well but I’m not going to pay him on the back for trying to stop Fields from feeling welcome here. In fact, his leaving as soon as Fields showed up shoes further that he’s a talker but not a doer. He’s immediately running when he tried to tell Fields don’t come here because I’ll beat you out. Him leaving is probably the best result for all sides.

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