yep..knew this would start. Now he's a pariah.

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By whobdis on 06:25:06 01/11/19
[In reply to "This is ridiculous. You’re guessing and attacking a kids character because of the jersey he no longer " by Carlos Danger, posted at 06:19:58 01/11/19]

: Wears. Fields pouted At UGA this year and was caught on tape bitching after a win because he wasn’t playing. Interesting you aren’t attacking him or making negative assumptions about him. Hypocrisy.

: Funny that adults here want these kids to take the high road when they make up scenarios that cast them in a negative light. Why not just say, good luck.

: Attack a kids play. Talk about his lesser talent. He has less than Fields. Why make up scenarios and make negative assumptions. Kid loved OSU and lost out.

: Remember the play where he was running it and at the last second pitched it to a receiver who was behind him? The shot of the coaches on the sideline made it seem like that was not supposed to happen.

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