I to feel bad for him because sports can be heartless snd unfair. I think you

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By losu1 on 06:39:10 01/11/19
[In reply to "You are taking your attacks public. Kid waited unlike Fields & had his heart ripped out" by Carlos Danger, posted at 06:34:04 01/11/19]

: In front of a live audience. He reacted that way because he knew what we all know. Fields is the more talented athlete. Better ways to handle it?? Yes,but he’s no different than a lot of kids in the same spot. He has character flaws but we all do. Especially at that age. I’d imagine most would forgive Tate for his if he was our starter next fall.

: The rush to slam kids as they leave shows that we really are just cheering for a uniform. When that’s off, the flip to negativity is on as if he’s a Michigan villian

Can be just as critical of the coaches. They’re not stupid. They sent a message st the MSU basketball game. I’m sure it was related to his comments. They couldn’t bring him with them based on Tate’s public attacks on Fields. This is the ugly underbelly of sports. Of that I agree with you.

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