No. Not guessing. What would you think of a teammate that messed with your girl? Does that promote harmony in the ...

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By jh6847 on 06:55:50 01/11/19
[In reply to "This is ridiculous. You’re guessing and attacking a kids character because of the jersey he no longer " by Carlos Danger, posted at 06:19:58 01/11/19]

locker room? It does not! It causes issues! Cost OSU a player! A very good young player who could have helped this coming year or at least the following year.

Think about it this way - yes Haskins and Fields have the same QB Guru. But for the past two years Haskins and Tate have been in the same QB room with the same QB coach. Think about that for a moment. Think about all that time they spent together as part of the brotherhood. Then Haskins, with Day and Urban approval, went outside of the family and outside of the brotherhood to bring in someone to start instead of Tate. You can say OSU was just getting a talented player. That may be true but he had already enrolled. Why the BB game with Urban and Haskins? That was a shot right at Tate!

Now, everyone on here has always said Urban is to loyal to his players. That may be true but he was not loyal to Tate. In fact he and OSU threw it in Tate's face on television.

You can say what you want but they showed him the door for a reason. A reason that they will never say publicly.

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