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Status: Done for 2016


General info, past results

Disclaimer: Entries for VEGAS, and other all-caps predictors are for comparison purposes only. These entries are constructed by me from public statements or predictions made by these folks, and do not represent their actual direct participation in the contest.

Check out the Rules file for information on how the contest is operated and scored.

Note: The contest must be manually closed, and from time to time I forget to do this before the earliest kickoff of any game on the list. When that happens, people can edit their predictions after the games have started. It's my fault that the contest is still open in that case. Regardless: it's not fair to force people who've entered honestly, to compete against unfair entries. Fortunately, all entries have a timestamp attached by the system. I can see the last modification time of every entry by every user. Any entry modified after kickoff of the first game on the list, will be disqualified (deleted). This contest is solely for fun -- there are no prizes. I don't understand the incentive to cheat. (Some "genius" thought a perfect-score bowl entry would pass the smell test, last year.)

Previous Contest Results
Contest (week's winner)
Week 1 - 9/03 (INKY)
Week 2 - 9/10 (bucknut)
Week 3 - 9/17 (buckeyeupnorth)
Week 4 - 9/24 (Gobux)
Week 5 - 10/01 (spongebuck)
Week 6 - 10/08 (A-Row)
Week 7 - 10/15 (Buckeyeforest)
Week 8 - 10/22 (Tailgater)
Week 9 - 10/29 (bases15)
Week 10 - 11/05 (Unnamed OSU Nut)
Week 11 - 11/12 (Mikegreenzalis)
Week 12 - 11/19 (osufanser1)
Week 13 - 11/26 (aerobuck)
Week 14 - 12/03 (B1G championship) (Captain Jack)
Week 15 - 12/26-12/31 (Early B1G bowls) (carrier9)
Week 16 - 01/02 (late B1G bowls) (BuckCommander)
Total (INKY)

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