A Texas Tech Fan's perspective: Yesterday, I saw Big Time and we are not it.

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By PhilBarker-Posted on a Texas Tech forum on 12:30:56 08/27/02

Yesterday, I saw Big Time and we are not it (a little long)
I just got back from Columbus this morning and I got to see exactly what big time college football is all about. We are no where near it no matter what we think we have going for us out here. We are so far off the radar map that we have no idea what to think about it.

Just some observations:
Campus area: Columbus-The area around the university, there was no doubt you were in OSU territory. Flags everywhere. The atmosphere was teeming with a confidence and pride about the area. Lubbock-a few flags on stores that have direct relatios with Tech. We have to beg the merchants and vendors close to campus to acknowledge Tech is across the street. We are not big time.

Pregame activity: OSU-I got to the stadium early to see what all the hub bub was before I went to the alumni event. At 9 am most lots were full and looked like they had been going for a while. Fans were willing to shell out any amount of money or invest any amount of time to have an opportunity to get a spot a mile walk to the stadium. Hiney gate was in a word incredible. If I wasn't sure I was going to a football game, I would have sworn I was at woodstock. Food vendors lining the streets in every direction, music, people, more people. Wow. Tech-A few tailgates. The most that we had quit coming because they got their feelings hurt that the athletic department wanted to make some money on the close parking and asked them to park their cookers across campus, bug deal. The lot across from the arena is closer than 75% of the parking at OSU and would cost their what it costs to park at Jones. Our fans get offended because they get asked to pay to park. Raider Alley pales in comparison, the pavilion is ok but not really. We are not big time.

Gametime: OSU-Everyone in their seat ready to watch the band take the field. 70% of the crowd was seated and ready to watch Tech do its pregame performance. Tech-how many of us Tech fans even knew there was a pregame band performance? Most Tech fans are still in the parking lot until well after the kickoff. We are not big time.

Game Attire: OSU-Lots of football jerseys, everyone in Red or white or silver. Fans look like they are going to a football game. Faces painted young and old, fans outfitted top to bottom in Ohio State gear. Women dressed for a game! Didn't see anyone wearing gear from other schools. Tech-Lucky to get the fans in Red or black. If they are its Tommy Hilfiger or Polo. The Tech stuff they do where is green or khacki. A&M and UT hats worn by kids and Tech students alike. Women dressed like they are going to a junior league meeting after the game. Bottom line at Tech, if its fashionable and it happens to be red or black or have a double T, then its ok. We are not big time.

Game end: OSU-Fans stay to the very end and cheer its team, sing the school song before heading to the exit, even when their team is up 30 in the 4th quarter.Tech-Very few fans in the seats at 0:00 unless the game is on the line. Even then, I recall fans leaving during overtime of the KU game when the game was in doubt. Our fans gotta beat the traffic because they gotta get to the restaurant. Heaven forbid we have a big lead inthe 4th quarter, our fans clear out. Why not stay and revel in the win with your team? We are not big time.

During the game: OSU-all the fans know all the cheers and do them at the top of their lungs. The most impressive thing I saw was OHIO chant when each of the four sides all yelled out one letter. Its a party atmosphere with the band going into the stands getting the fans going in different parts of the stadium. The cheerleaders look like they are having fun doing what they do and the crowd responds to what they are doing. The mascot is athletic and is as much a part of the show as the team. Fans stand in important situations and make noise when its third down FOR THE VISITING TEAM. Tech-Fans know the cheers but wont do them because its not cool I guess, maybe we think someone else will do them. Raider Power is boring and unoriginal. The atmosphere is more like church. Fans dont want to stand and they dont want you standing in front of them. Our fans wont get excited until we are playing UT ot A&M, but even then, they dont want to stand up. Our band is still perfecting the WAVE. Sometimes I dont know if our band realizes that they are AT a football game, they seem unconcerned except for when they are on the field performing. For some reason at Tech, we think that we should make noise on third down when we have the ball. Raider Red, well, I don't think I saw him leave his spot all day. Our cheerleaders are more about makeing cute pyramids than they are about getting th fans into the game. They are not loud and not a factor. Our fans dont even listen to them. We are not big time.

We have a long way to go before we can consider ourselves big time. We are Division one, and in a major conference but big time, we are not, not by a long shot. I go back to the analogy of Commitment and involment that spike used to make. In a plate of ham and eggs, the chicken is involved but the hog is committed. OSU fans are committed, Tech fans, we are loosely involved.

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