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By HINYG8 (1/8/5/11) on 08:21:13 09/10/03

313 Dru’s mom gets a ring

312. "On the banks of the Olentangy ...

What the hell, I'll give you another . . . old #35 . . . Jim Otis.

311. Keeping this thread going for nearly 20 hours!

310. the franklin co. municipal court opinion that "fuck michigan " bumper stickers are protected free speech!

309. it's only 26 miles from granville

308. Kolesar, pleading to FB Gods for P.I., final 2 plays, OSU-UM '87.

307. Storming the field following victories over scUM and grabbing a bit of sod to plant at home.

306. Giant Tostitos chip Hats. That was great right after the Fiesta victory when TBDBITL put them on.

305 - listing 303 reasons and still having more reasons left.

304. "There tearing down the banner"

302 Hells Bells

303. Making a list of 303 reasons why The Ohio State University is the Best Damn College in the Land!

301. We've thought of 301 reasons to love Ohio State!

303 was decided early: Graduation (it is today afterall)

300 - Someone in Syracuse hates the Big East.

297. My freshman year "Woody" hat

298 Got Tressel?

297 - Storming the field in Indiana, of all places.

296. 4th and 14.

295. Ranked #13 to start season; 13 seniors; 13 regular season games; #13- leading rusher; Today's Friday the 13th

294 - Paul Brown.

293. Will Allen picking it off at the goal line.

292 Richard Lewis

291. #13 T's

290. Scoonie Penn

289. Having Tim Spencer as a player and as a coach.

288 - Hardest working player ever - Chris Jent.

287. Fans who go to the bowl site w/o going to the game just to be there

286 - Traveling to Tempe without tickets.
286A. Never getting a ticket....and still best trip of my life.

285 longest winning streak in the nation

284. 2002 - OSU outscores opponents 31 Rushing TDs to 5

283 55,000 for an intrasquad scrimmage

282 - A linebacker named Pepper.

281 - All Brass.
Of course, it just wouldn't be the same without the percussion section.

279. Having Trev Alberts hate our school.

279 Fans who still buy NC watches after they're not what was shown in the picture

278. Skull Sessions.

277 handing the ball to the official

276. Not having lost a home ooc game except one shortened by lightning in over 20 years

275. Parking your car at Fawcett Center on Monday's of game weeks to get your tailgate spot

274. Former players coaching the Scarlet and Grey game

273. Senior sousaphone players.
272. I wanna go back to Ohio State, to ol' Columbus town

271. Le Regiment

270 FOUR script Ohios on opening day

269. The TBDBITL Alumni Band

268 having home field in most stadiums in which we play

267. Mr. Ed :-)

266. The Phantom Band

265. People like Shawn Springs, graduating today

264. People like Joey Galloway and Eddie George paying it forward by endowing scholarships.

263 Indianola

262. 315

260. Yeah, we can count. The Archie, Eddie, Spiels bobblehead races.

260. cst

259. THE JACKET!!!!!!

258 - "Traditional Ramp Entrance"

257. Kirk Herbstreit

256 Katie Smith

255. Coach Bob Todd

254 - Pete Johnson

253. The strength of the Buckeye Family, obvious here with this thread.

252. The fact that #1 will still be around by the time we get to #303

251. Cris Carter

250 - The term "pancake".

249. The countdown to August 30th.

248 those buckeye hats

247. OSU Hospital

246 Breakfast at Nancy's (No idea how I overlooked this one so long)

245 - Vito's Pizza (mini-truck outside the Agora)

244 BW-3

243. McNutt for Heisman and the cease and desist order

241. Jimmy Jackson

241 - TOGA!

240. Tommy's subs

Walking to class but the magnetic pull that was the Flying Tomato being just too strong to get past.

playing football in Tuttle Park on Sunday afternoons.

237. Wes Fesler

236. B-Ball at Larkins when it is 110 degrees

235. The Old-and-Grungy

234. 1999 Final Four

233. Watching a parade @ City Center mall for our football team BEFORE the Fiesta Bowl

Waking up on a stranger's porch because you were too drunk to make it all the way home.

#231 Being able to walk from lunch at my Dorm into Stadium for game, about 140 feet

running to Scarlata & Gray for subs at halftime (from stadium)

230. Bucknik's photos on the-Ozone! :)
229. "Anything easy ain't worth a damn"

228. Live concerts on the South Oval following the Michigan game

227. "310 days"

226. Ropes needed to keep us from falling into High Street while in line to get into bars *

225. Ross County, home of Ben Hartsock

224 - Buckets of Beer at Papa Joe's and the North Berg.

223. Shifty landlords.

222: The phrase "OK...new rule...can't say drink, drank or drunk" makes sense to 99% of the student population

221. In second place for the Directors' Cup.

220. A Buckeye tree for each All American

Who remembers BFI - the Black Forest Inn?

219. Drum major is a male

218. Counting to 300 in order not a requirement for graduation (see posts 212, 213)

217. Snowball fights on the Oval

216. CABS buses plowing through the gates

215. Recruiting is a sport

214. Waking up off-campus to stereos blasting TBDBITL and "Hang On Sloopy" at 5am on gameday.

212. Beer slides at PaPa Joe's during Kegs n Eggs

213. Earle Bruce

211 - Knowing what "Hetuck" means.

210. Rioting on 12th S

209 105k people chanting "MO-REEECE" in the first game of his career

207 Gary Moeller

208 - Not only do the players get championship rings, but the fans can buy 'em too!

207. The fact that after 200 posts, there's still people posting on this thread

205 - It takes 3 different DVDs to honor one season.

204 - The ESPN commercial with Brutus running down the hallway.

203 - Resodding the field is big news.

202. Woody Hayes Athletic Center

201. The QFM96 "Beat the team up north Breakfast Club”

200 - Unbreakable goal posts.

199. Where else can you have Charley's Steakery and Steak&Shake side-by-side?

198. Deep Dish Pizza at Street Scene on High St. Still open?

197 - Land grant school and damn proud of it!

195. The Jai Lai - and the filet mignon there at my grandma's 75th

195. Old Man's Cave and Hocking Hills an hour south

194 - The Blackwell

193. The Thirsty Scholar

192. High admissions standards: now requiring a pulse *and* a blood-pressure reading ;)

191 - Adam Talifero

The Thirsty I

189 - "You Win with People"

190. Eddie George

187, 188. "Across the Field" and "The Buckeye Battle Cry".

186. OSUMB Drum Cadence (even listening to recordings of it gets me fired up)

185 - The Nuthouse

184. The Northberg
the southberg

183. Football team a perfect 2-0 in OT games

182 - Was never a student at Ohio State, but I'm still a diehard

181. Sending complete strangers to the ESPYs because they live in Ohio

180. "The sun never sets on Ohio State"

179 - George Steinbrenner signing a certain QB as a third baseman.

178. Vaughn Broadnax clearing the way.

177 - Opposing QB Club

176. Gradishar. Cousineau. Marek. Johnson. Spielman. Tovar. Katzenmoyer. Diggs. Wilhelm.

175. It's 1:30 and MICHIGAN STILL SUCKS!!!

173 - Reading the HOF post from the Texas Tech fan title "I've seen the big time, and we're not it."

172. Watching Bob Atha pound kickoffs thru the uprights.
Good ole number 1.

171. Three yards and a a cloud of dust.

172. "When you throw the ball, three things can happen, and two of them are bad."

170. Chocolate buckeyes

169. Block "O" card formations

168. John Glenn

167. Having a Rhodes Scholar flanker.....Mike Lanese.

166. Hang on Sloopy.

165. January 3, 2003

164. Germaine to Boston to win the "97 Rose Bowl.

163. Welcome Week ... free food!

162. The Lantern

161. Heisman, Biletnikoff, Maxwell, Walter Camp, Doak Walker, Lombardi, Outland, Butkus, Thorpe Awards

159. The RV with the Screw-the-Blue flag

158. A sea of RVs and custom painted buses flying the colors on gameday

157. Retired alums in homemade scarlet-and-grey sweaters

156. "How firm thy friendship, O-HI-O!" * - BuckIMike [12:47:35 06/13/03] (0)

155. The Best Damn Glee Club In The Land! * - BuckIMike [12:46:45 06/13/03] (0)

154. Craig Krenzel * - BuckIMike [12:45:08 06/13/03] (0)

153. The Danger Brothers * - HINYG8 [12:41:42 06/13/03] (0)

152. Beating #1 Iowa in the rain at night in 1985. * - Blast 32 [12:35:52 06/13/03] (0)

151. When there are 30 kegs, there's bound to be someone who doesn't have any pants on.

150: Paying Forward

149. Neutron Man

148. Buckeye Necklaces.

147. Howard "Hopalong" Cassady.

146. Muck Fichigan

144. Ordering pizza from the Oval at 4AM for less than $10

144...Drink and Drown at The Castle..

143. Fishtank of drunken cherries at Papa Joes (man, I'm old)

142. Bloody Mary bar at the Out-R-Inn

141. Practically falling over the balcony at Papa Joe's in the late 70's.

140. The rotunda in the north end of the Horseshoe. Beautiful craftsmanship.

139. The consistent look of our football uniforms and helmets (since '68). Luv the leaves.
139.5. The consistent look of TBDBITL's unis since God knows when. Switch to red berets when done marching. Classic!

138. "Cinnamon Girl" on the upstairs juke box at Out-R-Inn.

137. the "the" in The Ohio State University

136. Pre-game cattle walk between ice rink and St Johns

135. Block O flags swinging from RV's

134. Golden Pants charms

133..Lane (CHAMPIONS) Avenue on a Football Saturday

133. Bier Stube.

132. OSU having their own fan code for tickets at IU Stadium

131 - Fred Taylor

128. Hit an opposing player with the camera.....BUCKEYE

129. The very first time you see the band entrance. I not ashamed to say I cried.

127 The Grand Daddy of them All.....The Rose Bowl

126. Outer Inn during the '95 nd game

125. The Ten Year War (about to be redubbed the 100 year war)

124. O-H-I-O across the Grand Canyon. I wasn't there, but it sure seemed very cool.

123. Out of gas and coasting across the state line

122 - Knowing why we hate Dave Winfield

121. Buckeye Bob Hope dotting the i

120. Woody dotting the i

119. Spelling O-H-I-O around the shoe.....or sundevil stadium

118. Gee, that is a nice bow tie

117. The Freshman forgiveness rule

116. The Best Damn Team in the Land!!!!

115. Oxley's statue

114 - "Holy Buckeye!”

113 - Buckeye Hall of Fame Café

112 - "It's not about the ball"

111. "You don't have your I.D." .....NO...."That'll be $10.00" ;-)

110 - The Snow Bowl.

109 - a shoeless touchdown.

108. 7-Eleven

107 - "They wouldn't let me go for 3."

106. Michael Doss coming back for the title when others laughed at the thought.

105. Buckeye paraphernalia shopping madness at Conrad's, College Traditions, and Long's on game day.

104. Beating Northwestern year after year after year after....

103. The sounds of the campus chimes at Orton Hall.

102. Pretending to study at the amphitheater next to Mirror Lake during Spring Quarter.

101. The echo you get under the roof that connects St. John's and The Rink OH-IO!

100 - Big Ten Conference.

99. The way campus looks out the dorm window after an all nighter. Drinking, studying, whatever: The sun is rising, you are young, tired, and full of promise.
It spreads out around you reflecting the true splendor of all who have taken in the same view before you. There stood captains of industry, sailors, drop outs, athletes, soldiers; every man. And there you stand taking your place in the tapestry. Living the tradition that millions over time have cherished and passed on. How very fortunate to be a Buckeye.
Standing there looking at it, you don't fully appreciate it. But you sense a moment, you are defined. And you spend the balance of your life trying to share that moment and return to it.
The world is still at your feet and you are gonna live forever...if you can just remember the periodic table and how to do second derivatives.

98. St. James Hospital *

97 - Champions Lane (should have been permanent)

96 - Russ Helickson wrestling camp (memory from H.S.)

95 - Tearing down the M banner.

91-94. Jack Nicklaus, his museum & the Scarlet & Gray courses

92. 96,000 people chanting "Eddie, Eddie" in '95

91 - Being connected to "home" for a few hours on Saturdays during the fall.

90. Football team singing to ME after football games

89. Band's Stadium Entrance

88. Flyers, Co-eds, Maxwell's, Mean Mr. Mustard's, The Edge (Pit), Park Alley & Purity's

87. Bernie's Bagels and Live music at The Distillery!

85. Newport Music Hall

81Drinking pitchers of beer at the old FLYING TOMATO on a Spring Day while scoping sorority girls.

84. THE Ohio State University

81. Thursday nite at "The Library", circa 1981 (yes I am showing my age).

82. Catfish Biffs – We ain’t got no catfish

81. Adriatico's and Gumby's Pizza: can't find two more different types of pizza that are "great"

80. Quarters. Take that which ever way you want.

79. Jogging: A 2 credit hour class (wait, is that a positive or negative?)

78. LeRegiment and dotting the I in Script Ohio.

77 non english speaking teachers

76. Buckeye Grove.

75. BRUTUS...the guy with the big Buckeye head 'o sponge

74. Seeing the look on my daughters face as she toured the campus was something else. She knew within an hour that this is where she wanted to be. Even though I didn't attend tOSU, I've bled Scarlett and Grey since I was little. I told her on many occasions however, that she needed to go where she would be happy. I have to tell you though, I am excited my girl decided to be a Buckeye!! But the biggest reason to love Ohio State even more than I thought possible,.......THEY'RE PAYING FOR THE WHOLE THING!!!!!

73. Hellfire and Brimstone on The Oval.

71. BRUTUS...the automated registration system "section full" "section full" "section closed, complete an add slip"

70. Woody. can't believe it got this far.

69. University jobs.

68. Getting my fake complaint letter printed in The Lantern. (link)

67. Anyone know where WEST campus is?

66. Senior Tackle where 35,000 people show up.

65. Sweater Vests

64. The joy of actually finding a parking place and then screaming without effect at the bastard from Shamrock towing as he hooks up your car, or trying to talk Traffic and Parking into taking that boot off of your car.

63. The Game Day walk to The 'Shoe--the music...the fans...the empty kegs in the yards.*

62. Dorms freshman year.

61. Hairy Buffalo parties

60. The Century Club.

59. Euchre....24/7

58. Number 1 (The Chinese Restaurant)

57 - Lucas and Havlicek (sp?).

56. The Oval on the first week of spring. Nice Talent. * - All-Time QB (3 Career Leaves) [08:31:04 06/13/03] (0)

55. Concerts at Ohio Stadium. * - KillerNut [08:30:21 06/13/03] (0)

54. Where else can you get $5 back for a $120 text book?

53 - Syncronized Swimming!

52. Magnolia Thunder- - - - - (Don't Want to get banned, ;-)

51. Carmen Ohio. Done the Cie Way!

50 - Stadium terminology (South stands, C-deck, B-deck, A-deck, open end, etc.)

49. The Wexner Center always had some cool stuff

48. Used Kids on payday.

47 - Skull Session.

46. The Chimes

45. Jim Tressel, O'B, Parker!

44 - Golf courses named "Scarlet" and "Gray"

43. Sleeping thru 1:00 classes

42 - Chic Harley

41. Turning 21 on a Tuesday with no Wednesday classes.

40. A #1 Cheese Steak at Panini's at 3:45.

39. BW3 and Burritos as big as your head.

38 - Archies 2 Heismans

37. 14-0

36. Sight-seeing on 15th & High

35. The fact that it is not scUM

34. The first warm spring day!

33. Intramural football and softball at King Ave. fields.

32 - Jesse Owens

31. Mirror Lake Swim Team

30. The High Street Personalities {Mr. Help is on the way, the Angry Dwarf, Screaming Madman}

29. Home games in Tempe

27. Kegs & Eggs.

27. That steel cable that kept me on the sidewalk and out of High Street during the loooong walk home

26. Universally recognized . . . "O-H" “I-O”

25 - 105,000 crazy fans.

24. Bucket of Beers or Birthday Drink at Papa Joes - RIP.

23. "Help is on the way ! "

22 - Tailgating in September!

21. The Crawl

20. Refuge in the Union for hot chocolate or coffee during a typical January blizzard.

19. UVC

18. The Stacks

17 - "We don't give a damn for the whole state of M!#$#@!"

16 - Script Ohio.

15 - Block O.

14. The Out-R-Inn

13 - The black fedora.

12 - Hineygate.

11 - The Varsity Club.

10. Texas Straw Hat
9 - A cheerleader that can kick field goals!

8. Hot dogs between classes outside Independence Hall from the guy in the Packers gear.

7 - The O-zone

6. Ohio Stadium and The Schottenstein Center

5. Mirror Lake

4. The Best Damn Band In The Land!!!!!

3. The Victory Bell

2. Autumn afternoons in the Horseshoe.

1. Spring/Summer days on the Oval

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