"The Most Significant Play In OSU History"---Here Are EIGHTY (Count 'Em!) Nominations!! (more-long)

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By ScottBuck on 13:17:34 11/06/01

Wiley busts 50 yarder on two pancake blocks to take 7-0 lead vs. scum in 1998, setting tone for big win.

Rudzinski makes interception on back against Michigan to help nail down victory, same game.

Demetrious Stanley 85 yard return of opening kickoff serves notice of things to come on Irish, right under nose of Touchdown Jesus, in 96.

14 yard pass to D. J. Jones seals win over Irish, and sweep of 95-96 home and home.

Jackson to Stanley 42 yard pass begins 38-7 rout of Nittany Lions in 96.

Germaine to Boston pass beats ASU in Rose Bowl.

Terry Glenn TD run in 95, outrunning two Domer Defenders in 1995. Some say biggest explosion in horseshoe history.

Eddie George's run, of mural fame, same game.

Hoying to Dudley, 32 yarder, to key comeback 28-25 win in State College, 1995.

Eddie George busts 64 yard TD vs. Illinois en route to record 313 yard day, 1995.

Marlon Kerner blocks Michigan field goal attempt to help save Cooper's job in 1994, we beat scum 22-6.

Luke Fickell's interception at Michigan 16, same game.

Pick any Raymont Harris run in Columbus mud and snow, to welcome Penn State to Big10 in 1993.

Jeff Graham's "immaculate reception" for TD keeps us in game in Iowa City, we eventually win 27-26 in upset in 1990.

Frey to Olive to beat LSU 38-33 in closing seconds, 1988.

Everett Ross spectacular sideline reception gets us back in game in Ann Arbor after we trail 13-0, in Bruce's last game.

Carlos Snow silences Michigan mob with incredible 70 yard run on screen pass, putting us ahead in game we won 23-20 in 1987.

Freshman Greg Frey comes off bench ice cold to hit Workman with 25 yarder, keeping time consuming drive alive after scum late hit sidelines Tupa, 1987.

Cris Carter snags Karsatos pass between two Texas A&M defenders with vertical leap on third and long as we drive to score in 28-12 upset over Aggies in 86 Cotton Bowl.

Chris Spielman returns interception 24 yards for TD, same game.

Sonny Gordon blocks punt for safety to put #1 Iowa in deep hole at Horseshoe in 1985, we win 22-13.

John Wooldridge, subbing for injured Byars, busts 50 yard score to put another nail in Hawkeye coffin.

DB Terry White hammers Iowa WR who drops ball at goal line to clinch historic upset over Iowa, 1985.

Cris Carter circus catch on sideline, some say his best ever, helps beat BYU in 1985 Bowl game.

Byars loses shoe in 70 yard TD run to spark comeback win over Illinois in 1984.

Mike Lanese makes storied catch leaning over backwards on underthrown pass to spark rally which beats scum 21-6, clinches Rose Bowl trip in 1984.

Keith Byars fights for our first 1st down on third and short, opening drive in 98 degree heat in Norman, Oklahoma in 1983. We roll from there.

John Frank refuses to be denied end zone, bowls over two Sooners after taking pass at five yard line, we upset Okies 24-14.

Byars makes spectacular 100 yard KO return to help beat Pitt in 83 Fiesta Bowl, 28-23.

Tomczak hits Frank between 3 Pitt defenders to keep winning 4th quarter drive alive vs. Pitt, on a 4th and 10.

Thad Jemison breaks loose down sideline, snags TD pass to beat the Panthers, as Foge Fazio wildly waves arms at his defenders.

Vaughn Broadnax plows for score on 4th and short to tie scum 7-7 in 1982 in our first home TD against them in 10 years, we go on to win 24-14 and send them to Rose Bowl a loser.

A raging Marcus Marek exhorts Buckeye crowd to do its part with score tied in fourth quarter, same game.

Doug Hill and Rowland Tatum slobberknock Anthony Carter in downpour, forcing critical fumble. We go on to score and win.

Tim Spencer makes the biggest run of his career, a 20 yarder, to put us in scoring position vs weasels in 1981, we trailed on 9-7 late in game we were supposed to lose big time.

Schlichter scores behind Broadnax block of three scummers, who drop like bowling pins, on a 6 yard run to win 14-9 and knock Michigan out of Rose Bowl in front of their home fans.

Art Sclichter hits Paul Campbell with winning TD pass as we beat UCLA 17-13 early in 1979 on road to signal Buckeyes' return to glory.

Chuck Hunter, reserve WR, snags TD pass in a crowd of scummers in 1979 for our first TD vs. UM since 1975.

Todd Bell scoops up blocked punt and scores, to beat scum 18-15 in 1979, after Jim Laughlin (some say Mike Dandria) blocks Michigan punt.

Jeff Logan 36 yard TD run gets us back in game we trailed 10-0, we beat Colorado 27-10 in 1976 Orange Bowl.

Lennie Willis catches tipped pass for score as we beat scum jr. 21-0 in 1975 opener, getting some revenge for what happened in Lansing in 72 and 74.

Archie Griffin's key vertical catch keeps drive alive, as we beat Penn State 17-9 in Columbus in 1975.

Brian Baschnagel catches CRITICAL 3rd down pass on Michigan sideline to keep our last hopes alive in 1975 in Ann Arbor.

With score tied 14-14 late in 1975 game, Aaron "Chunky" Bown sacks Leach the Peach for an 11 yard loss putting scummers in deep hole. This set up:

Ray Griffin snags UM pass, returns it to Michigan 3, in one of our greatest comebacks.

Pete Johnson lurches backwards over last skunk defender to score his 3rd TD of day, as we beat scum 21-14 in the scumpit.

Bruce Elia interception stops Michigan momentum as we start long road back after trailing Mich 10-0 at home in 1974.

Tom Klaban kicks his 4th FG of the day, a 45 yarder, to put us ahead for good 12-10, in battle for Big10 title and Rose Bowl.

Michigan's Lantry misses short FG. Columbus erupts.

Archie Griffin's 100 yd KO return keys 56-7 mauling of Minnesota in 73 opener, some say our greatest team.

Buckeye hit on Michigan QB Dennis Franklin fractures collar bone, giving Big10 ADs reason to put OSU in Rose Bowl after 10-10 tie in 73.

Neal Colzie's long 2nd half punt return helps break open 42-21 Rose Bowl victory over Southern Cal in 1973.

Archie Griffin's picture perfect 47 yard score puts final nail in Trojan coffin.

Arhcie Griffin makes his first great OSU play, a 50 yard scamper, in 29-14 September win over North Carolina in 1972, setting the stage for the Griffin era.

Griffin breaks off right tackle for 30 yard TD to take 14-3 lead over scum in huge 1972 showdown at Ohio Stadium.

Dennis "the best Ohio players go to Michigan" Franklin fumbles snap from center, the Buckeyes hold at goal line, one of several huge defensive stands in miracle 14-11 win in Columbus.

Rex Kern hits Bruce Jankowski for TD on a third and long to put Bucks up 10-3 in the long awaited Revenge Bowl of 1970 vs weasels in Columbus.

Stan White intercepts Michigan pass, returns to their 9, we score to go up 20-9, the Revenge Bowl final, in game's decisive moment.

Ted Provost intercepts Purdue pass, runs for score to draw first blood in tense showdown vs. #1 Purdue in 1968, biggest game at Horseshoe in many years, we win 13-0.

Senior Bill Long, filling in for momentarily shaken Rex Kern, adds clinching TD vs. Purdue on keeper.

Jim Otis scores 4th TD as we ANNIHILATE Michigan 50-14 in November, 1968.

Kern is fouled out of bounds by Michigan, returns two plays later to break loose on long run, in 50-14 romp.

Otis plows in for score after patented OSU drive to start turning the tables on USC in 1968 Rose Bowl with National Championship at stake. Trojan lead is cut to 10-7.

Kern hits Leo Hayden with 4 yard TD to put us ahead for good in second half, on the march to #1.

Stier hit on Simpson causes fumble and sets up another Buckeye touchdown over Trojans.

Unverferth to Warfield pass scores winning TD as we beat scum 14-10 in 1963, game delayed a week because of JFK assasination.

Heisman runner up Bob Ferguson scores 4th TD as we smash Michigan in Ann Arbor 50-20 in 1961, to earn a sliver of the National title.

Paul Warfield deeks a scum defender out of his jock, the guy falls on his butt without being touched as Warfield rambles for long score.

Sparma hits Tidmore on 20 yard pass to make it 48-20 with only seconds left in game.

Sparma hits Tidmore for 2 point conversion to make it 50-20.

Bob White scores 4th TD at Iowa as we upset Big10 champs Hawkeyes in Iowa City, 38-28 in 1958.

Sophomore FB Bob White carries the ball entire scoring drive, blasts in for TD as we beat high ranked Iowa 17-13 in Columbus in 1957, on road to National Championship.

HB Dick LeBeau scores on 4 yard TD run to help beat scum in Ann Arbor 31-14 in 1957 NC march.

Don Sutherin beats Oregon with late FG 10-7 in 1957 Rose Bowl.

Hop Cassady scores three TDs in 20-10 home win over Iowa in 1955, his last game in Columbus.

Cassady scores 4th quarter TD to cap 146 yards in 28 carries day as we wipe out favored Michigan in Ann Arbor 17-0 and knock them out of Rose Bowl.

Michigan RB Terry Barr gets creamed for a safety by Buckeyes Aurelius Thomas and Bill Michael, our relentless defense keeps pouring it on meatchicken in 17-0 rout.

Jerry Harkrader scores on 9 yard TD run to wrap up 20-7 Rose Bowl win over USC and cinch 1954 National Championship for the Buckeyes.

Cassady breaks 55 yard run to turn game around versus Michigan after our crucial goal line stand in 1954, we win going away 21-7 in key National title step.

Cassady intercepts Wisky pass, rambles 88 yard for score, turning 7-3 Buckeye deficit into eventual 31-14 win in Columbus win over high ranked Badgers in 1954.

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