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By JennyBucks (1/5/05 was a sad, sad day!) on 08:41:11 01/07/05
[In reply to "JennyBucks, nice letter in today's Dispatch on A.G.!" by N.Buonomici, posted at 08:31:42 01/07/05]

Geiger devoted career to the good in athletics
Friday, January 07, 2005

Wednesday was one of the saddest days in the history of central Ohio and Ohio State University sports. A man of Athletics Director Andy Geigerís caliber retires from the 24/7 wear and tear this very public university and the media vultures who surround it place on a man who devoted 43 years of his life to athletics and all that is great and good about the student-athlete.

Geiger does not know me personally, but Iíve had contact with him many times. The last time was in an elevator coming down from our seats at Value City Arena, where my youngest daughter and her friends had just celebrated an 11 th birthday at a Buckeye womenís basketball game. Seeing all 12 of us pile into the elevator and the obvious delight of the young girls, Geiger had to ask about the occasion of our visit and all the hoopla. After the girls chimed in about my daughterís birthday, Geiger warmly asked her how old she was (he guessed she was 9) and wished her happy birthday.

Some of the girls didnít know who he was, but they knew he was some "bigwig" and they were thrilled he took the time to talk to them and thank us for coming to the game.

This and other chance meetings like this have demonstrated to me the character of this man. Character is doing something right when no one is watching.

I hate the timing of his retirement; he will have his character and legacy sullied by the Maurice Claretts of the world, who have never freely given of themselves without expecting something in return.

Clearly Geiger gave this job his heart and soul and leaves unable to lift himself and others in the department he so clearly valued, as evidenced in his tearful departure speech, from the clouds that still lie on the horizon.

God bless you, Andy, and thank you.


Upper Arlington

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