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By HINYG8 (Roses!) on 12:13:43 06/28/05

Summer's heat or winter's cold
The seasons pass the years will roll

And through it all Ohio State will take some shots, kids will make mistakes, spring will return to the Oval, great Buckeye minds will change the world, and somewhere on campus there will be a building under construction.

Already OSU regroups and begins anew.

Gone are the headlines. Gone are the vultures. All replaced as 'Matta's miracle' is being assembled and a host of new football warriors prepare to make their assault on the depth chart.

Replaced also by 1,000s of high school seniors from around the world considering their first day on campus with nervous excitement. All of them checking campus maps without having yet discovered the joy of a well highlighted used book, swimming mirror lake, texas straw hat in the commons, or the true beauty of cheap wing night. They may not 'get it' yet, but they sense the impending moment and a part of them is being defined. Not just for the duration of any media spite storm, or just for the instant that Dorsey's last pass fluttered to the turf, but rather, as KP likes to say, FO LIFE!

And here I stand enjoying my place in the tapestry. Living the traditions that millions over time have cherished and passed on. How very fortunate to be a Buckeye.

ESPN, scandalous media outlets, and morons like Mark May will crow and dismiss, but The Ohio State University is bigger than any of them. Now already we see the wounds are healing and an even better Ohio State University is stepping forward.

The fighter still remains.

What will ESPN say about Ohio State as Matta's miracle class stands tall in the midst of March Madness? What will May say as Ginn streaks to the end zone and rips out the heart of the Trojans? I honestly don't know, but better yet, I really don't care. I am an alumnus of THE Ohio State University and retain enough arrogance from that association to dismiss their judgment. They took their best shot and in the end it only made OSU better.

If I could tell them all just ONE thing it wouldn't be 'I told you so.' Rather it would be:


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