My week and year was made...TODAY!

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By Kernersvillebuckeye on 09:57:36 10/11/06

I have had you all pray for my 11 year friend named Nick. He has brain cancer and it is his second bout. He lives in Grayson, Ky and has to travel over 3 hours for treatments at University Hospital in Columbus. He became a fan of Ohio St. the first time he had cancer at age 7.

The other day his mom, who sends updates regularly, sends an update that this past Friday 3 OSU player were at the hospital signing autographs and that on Tuesday they would be able to attend a closed practice.

This morning I get an e-mail from Nick's parents to view some photos. The first one I open is of Nick and the team in the background. The second photo was with Nick and his friends with Troy Smith and Gonzo.

The third picture was the best! It was with Nick and his brother and friend and Jim Tressel. There was a little sign held up that said, "Hey Tim Bussey". It was a message to me. It put tears in my eyes that a little guy going through cancer and getting the thrill of his life to see his favorite team practice that he thought of me.

The other cool part is the #1 team in the nation is taking time out of their schedule to spend time with this child. There are too many cool storylines.

Unfortunately, the cancer hasn't gone away and this meeting with the Buckeyes can't make it go away, but for a moment it was forgotten and to see the smiling face of this young boy was absolutely PRICELESS!!! Please continue your prayers for Nick.

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