I am Buckeye....Are You? My gift of Poetry for what A Buckeye is, and is Not...

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By Tressel Express on 22:24:39 12/06/01

The question ‘What is a Buckeye’ is heard throughout the land
It’s started me to wonder, do I understand?
Yes I’m a Buckeye, but what exactly does that mean?
Let’s review the prerequisites, and what may not be seen…

To find out what A Buckeye is, we must find out what it’s not
Once eliminating the bad things, A Buckeye is what we’ve got

A Buckeye isn’t Maize, and it certainly isn’t Blue
So I know that I’m a Buckeye, and I hope that you are too

Are you A Buckeye?

A Buckeye doesn’t chomp or chop, like the Gators or the Noles
And we’re not even Leprechauns, so go back into your holes

We’re not a Volunteer, or Hokie or a Gopher or an Aggie
We’re not a possum of the uSCUM, and wear our pants really baggy

We don’t play the Lion’s roar, or toot the whistle of a choochoo
Carmen Ohio relaxes Brutus, but Purdue’s whistle just makes him coo-coo

We aren’t children of the corn, like the huskers on the farm
Or tater heads of Idaho, a Vandal doesn’t cause alarm

A Buckeye isn’t a Bird, like an Owl, Duck, or Woodpecker
No, the Only Woody in Columbus, is Hayes the Clemson decker

A Buckeye is not a pussy-cat, Like a Panther, Tiger, or Lion
But like the kitty cat predators, we’ll leave our pray a-dyin

A Buckeye isn’t a mammal, like a Buffalo or a Bear
If there is a bigger beast than A Buckeye, I’m not aware

A Buckeye is not a Warrior, Spartan, Trojan, or a Cowboy
But A Buckeye is a true fighter, a Hero filled with Joy

A Buckeye is our brethren, Nationwide millions strong
If you fly your flag proudly, you do indeed belong
Are You A Buckeye?

A Buckeye doesn’t stammer, or run from a fight
We certainly don’t cower, from any foe in sight
Are You A Buckeye?

A Buckeye is Scarlet, and a little bit of Gray
Those will be predominate, over any team we play
Are You A Buckeye?

We’ll be louder, We’ll be braver, than any of our foes
We usually come away victorious, and that is simply how it goes
Are You A Buckeye?

A Buckeye can reside from anywhere, It matters not the place
South Bend or Miami, Los Angeles or outer space

A Buckeye Can be White or Black, Woman or a Man
Old or even young, just as long as you’re a fan
Are You A Buckeye?

A Buckeye will remain faithful, through Good times and the bad
Just wave that flag higher, even when you’re mad
Are You A Buckeye?

A Buckeye can be boastful, Lest we not be too arrogant
But since we get the job done, cockiness is irrelevant
Are You A Buckeye?

A Buckeye Hates the State up north, We frown upon its name
No matter how it’s mentioned, We despise it just the same
Are You A Buckeye?

Don’t confuse a Buckeye, with a Wolverine
Any comparisons are untruthful, and have been done in Vein

So We know what A Buckeye Is, Come, Let’s sing Ohio’s Praise
Let’s hum those tunes that thrill us, songs to alma mater raise

From the Carrier Dome to the Rose bowl, and Minnesota to LSU
There’s nothing like a game-day, with 100 thousand in the Shoe’

Deep down in your heart, it’s the motivation A Buckeye understands
You were born A lifelong Buckeye, your fate will ever stand

Yes, I am A Buckeye, and I won’t forget the words
They strike me when I’m sleeping, like a chorus of chirping birds

“Come on, Ohio! Smash through to victory, we cheer you as you go.
Our honor defend we will fight to the end for Ohio!”


Are You?

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