Please allow me to point your attention to article F in the linked legislative proposal in the state of Connecticut

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By 7NCs7Heisman on 21:38:15 03/02/11

Ramogi Huma, President of NCPA sent me an email to let me know that the site was instrumental in their efforts to address the oversigning issue in the proposed legislation in the state of Connecticut.

All we need now is to get this passed in the states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and South Carolina.

(F) The policy of the institution of higher education regarding whether or not such institution may choose to sign more recruited student athletes than it has available athletic scholarships and the consequences to the athletic scholarship opportunities of recruited and current student athletes in such situations.

From Huma:

"Your work bringing the oversigning issue to national discussion was crucial in addressing oversigning in the Connecticut legislation."

I thought you guys would find that interesting. All around good stuff. More to come.


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