A test to see whether you are Fun Bunch or Contra(m)

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By Unnamed OSU Nut on 15:49:27 01/25/02

All the Contras (Tressel flamethrowers) complain that they are only expressing a valid opinion. Here are two examples of the same thing, see if you can discern the difference.

Legitimate criticism
Tressel did not play his QB's enough early on, despite Belli's struggles. When he was arrested, the backups were unprepared. Putting in Krenzel at the half, deep in their own territory was a bad choice for the first time in a game

Unlike Division I-AA, where stupid coaching blunders can be overlooked, Division I-A is for real coaches with a brain. Everybody in the world except Little Mr. Nice-guy Napoleon could see that Bellisari sucked, but his gross inadequacies showed as he failed to train the backups. When Bellisari got arrested (where was the change from Cooper that was promised, hmmmmmmm?) the QB's were woefully unprepared. Gross negligence. Any idiot can see that, except a Tressel apologist. And then, putting Krenzel in at the half, was an act of such sheer stupidity, that no seriously qualified coach would ever make such a blunder

Just a subtle difference. I hope you can see it.

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