Right. College should have 3 championships. Top 64. Those D1 not in the top 64 and the subdivision. M

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By ysubuckfan on 21:03:02 05/07/24
[In reply to "The next realignment I want to see is the Super Conference" by cvillebuck, posted at 13:48:11 05/07/24]

: makes competition at the d1 level even across three levels. Nothing wrong with MAC trying to win a National Championship against the IVY or SWAC, etc. Will give College Fans the opportunity to root for 3 teams to be Champs. Local TV Networks would be able to capitalize on some extra revenue.
Thursday night: Bottom 64 or so
Saturday: top 64 and subdivision
Friday: HS
Sunday/Mon: NFL

Top 64 programs. Divide them into four divisions

: North
: South
: East
: West

: 12 game regular season. You play 8 division games, 2 out of Division games, and 2 former "G5" games. For each division, the teams with the best divisional record play in the Divisional championship game, replacing the old Conference Championship games.

: The four Divisional Champs play in a 4 team CFP. The Semis cycle through the current NY6 bowls like we have been.

: The remaining 4 NY6 bowls match divisional runner-ups and 3rd place vs 3rd place.

: The rest of the bowls are match-ups of Super Conference teams that finished between 4th place and 8th place in their division, and can be played against G5 teams (or whatever we call the teams in the league below the super conference). If you finish 9th or worst in your Division, no bowl for you. Better luck next year. If you do that too many times in a row you might get relegated out.

: This is the best solution because it is an actual end game. It's a system that could work for the next 50 years untouched. The current model of conference realignment, bowl game / CFP restructuring every couple-several years is an endless mess.

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