For what you get, I think that's a pretty good price. The itinerary is great. One of those once-in-a-lifetime (m)

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By Maximus on 17:06:11 05/10/24
[In reply to "For a cool $4999 you too can participate in THE Fantasy Experience with many Buckeye FBallers (link)" by Buck-o-matic, posted at 15:45:25 05/10/24]


As many of you know, I'm in the travel business. That's equivalent to a three hour heli jaunt from Queenstown to Milford Sound and back. So, for those with the resources, it's a fun and easily justifiable expense (for someone like say a C-level exec). For those who can't put meals on the table or diapers on their kids bottoms, it is not. Funny enough, I will guarantee you there will be folks in the latter group that will do this.

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