I’d argue their current punishment might be more effective than anything the NCAA might have done. (m)

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By buckeyecurt on 06:29:13 02/11/24
[In reply to "If NCAA lets Michigan off the hook, all schools will openly steal signs. Time for CFB to get in helmet communication *" by Go Bux, posted at 21:10:59 02/10/24]

Harbaugh saved that program (albeit through some cheating). Players were there because of him, not because it was Michigan.

They do not utilize NIL to the degree that great programs have. They believe in the student athlete more than the football powers do. They lost Harbaugh & he gutted the staff like a fish.

The best remaining players are going to portal & they were already losing almost everything on offense.

Even their own fans think they are cooked from here on out.

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