SCum did NOT outperform OSU’s Pass Offense last year. Ridiculous. Air Force leads tnation in yards per pass attempt(m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:34:03 11/23/22
[In reply to "I didn't realize OSU is, or was playing, a military academy. I thought OSU was a modern passing offense. TTUN is still" by JK's Jump Cut, posted at 13:25:00 11/23/22]

Army is #5. Do you believe either has a modern day osss offense?

The reason both have a very high yard per pass strong yardage is because
they force teams to load the box, so when they do pass they get receivers open deep.

This underlines why a strong run game compliments a strong play action pass scheme. PlY action pass schemes date back to Earle Bruce years and when Harbaugh played QB. Tressel ran a lot of play action passing schemes.

You are all over with this weird take. Regarding gaining 200 yards on the ground, tel me how many times in the last 14 SCum games a team rushed for over 200 yards and less than 5 yards per carry? The few times it might have happened the winner held their opponent to far fewer yards per carry.

If you would like I will go back over these last 14 games and give the star for how many carries the winner had, and also the yard per carry averages. It will back up the same main point.

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