Edwards is the one nobody's talking about. He's really good too and his injury is his hand. I think he definitely

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By cvillebuck on 13:53:30 11/23/22
[In reply to "Do we think Corum will play? *" by the Displaced Buckeye, posted at 13:41:00 11/23/22]

plays. The scenario that gives me some anxiety is Corum comes out in sweats and we think we got this in the bag, and Edwards goes off.

There's an injured player phenomena that can exist when a star player gets hurt and the rest of the team elevates in their absence. Best example of this I can think of is JTB goes down and Ohio State 59-nothings Wisconsin the next week. We saw it last year in the Rose Bowl, not to injury but with Olive and Wilson sitting out I believe the effect was the same.

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