Our resume is on par with Oklahoma who is listed by most as a 9 or 10 seed

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By wigmon on 12:28:15 03/14/19
[In reply to "Get a win v. Sparty and we're in. I'm not convinced whatsoever this win moves our tourney needle. *" by OscarSierraUniform, posted at 11:52:08 03/14/19]

Have a better resume than TCU and Texas currently. Without at least 2, probably 3 more conference champion upsets, we are most likely in.

Tourney's to watch:

Pac12 - If anyone but Washington or ASU win, its a bid stealer. ASU could give back a bid if they lose their first game.

MAC - Buffalo is in, so if they don't win, that takes another one.

Mountain West - Probably a 2 bid league, so want Utah St. or Nevada to win the tourney. Utah St. could drop out if they lose first game.

BE - The BE is probably looking at about 4 bids, but if the top 2 teams (MArquettte, Villanova) get upset before the finals, it could open the door to one of their 3-4 bubble teams to get in. Don't really want Georgetown or Creighton making a deep run, though we do have a win over Creighton.

SEC - They are getting a lot of teams in, so not likely the champ will be a bid stealer, but would help if Alabama loses before the semis.

American - Pegged for 4 teams right now, so want one of those 4 to win the tourney. If Temple loses early, it could open up another spot for someone.

B12 - Rooting for TCU and Texas to lose today as it would drop them below us and likely out of tourney.

ACC - NC State lost today. I don't think we are guaranteed to move above them, I think its a toss up, so that helps.

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