I was sitting behind OSU’s bench and CH was PO’d. Watched refs and their replay screen (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:37:04 03/14/19
[In reply to "They reversed the call, which made it correct. IU touched it last. *" by Monroe Buckeye, posted at 14:19:33 03/14/19]

Throughout that long timeout. The refs looked very confused and conflicted. For most of that delay their gestures changed several times with acting as if they would let IU keep the ball, and then they started gesturing they were going to call a Jump Ball as if there was something they were watching that would override the decision.

IU fans all around me and in arena went ballistic when they signaled OSU ball. Credit to CH for a great OOB play with 2 seconds since there was no notification to the coaches they were going to change call.

Had me wondering if they were conflicted with the 2:00 on clock, and maybe should not be double checking replays.

To me it looked obviously off of IU. Kaleb was incredulous since he knew it was not off of him. They got it right in the end, but should have been quick correction.

Arena did not show the replay.

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