+ 1 to everything you posted. LM had another 3 if not for stepping on the line. Jallow D and floor game were (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:52:41 03/14/19
[In reply to "A few notes from today: Keyshawn Woods' best game as a Buckeye, Jallow played good defense, and rebounded well, and " by Mark, posted at 14:44:19 03/14/19]


CH knows what he is doing. While an offensive liability shooting, he does the little things well such as screening, setting his pivot foot, passing, and good court awareness. IU was sagging off of him which does hurt some.

Jallow is money defensively. Has the length, and athleticism to stone cold shut down a Langford type of talent. Many fans only care about Box Scores for Offense, buy Jallow's D especially in a game against a team like IU is invaluable.

KW was a man's man. Extremely active with his hands on loose balls flying in the air or on the ground. His high ball screens which caused IU all sorts of trouble all game long were outstanding. It allowed quick ball reversals, dribble penetration off of the pick and roll, and continually freed up shooters. Kaleb having the ability to shoot the 3 is the final piece that really makes that offensive action tough to deal with.

The other KW, Keyshawn was also sensational today. Seniors stepping up big time. Maybe Keyshawn's best all-around game of his college career given the setting and circumstances. Huge shots at key times. Played smart. Also was good on D.

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