Andre. What is going on there? (M)

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By Barrett777 on 15:45:31 03/14/19
[In reply to "Nothing I noticed. Seems like most of the team played pretty well. (m)" by SaltLakeCity Buck, posted at 15:22:13 03/14/19]

Played 38 minutes of emotionless and lethargic basketball.

0 rebounds in 38 minutes?
1 Assist compared to 4 TO’s in 38 minutes?
Only took 5 shots (yes he made several FT’s)

It was on Defense, how he carried himself, and something about his body language that really bothered me.

Several of their 3’s were when he was involved. OSU for most of the game knew when and who to switch with on high ball screens. Many of the miscommunication plays he was involved in, and then chasing way late. When they hit the 3, he would put his arms up like what am I supposed to do. Happened several times. Seemed every time to be his fault.

He was coasting most of the game. As if he is so valuable he must stay in, and go 3/4 speed.

Meanwhile everyone else when in were very energetic including Kaleb, and it showed in effort and body language.

Something is going on. He does not seem happy. Like a switch has went off several games back. CH is staying with him and rarely taking him out, but Ahrens, and LM need 10 of his minutes of PT. Would rather see 28 minutes of energy and 100% effort than 38 minutes of 75% effort and an attitude as if he is sulking about something*

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