You got me. Ha. It was a Home game for IU. Their fans really showed up. Estimating it was 10:1 in their favor (m)

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By Barrett777 on 16:36:34 03/14/19
[In reply to "Archie Miller is going to file a protest with the Big Ten, he says KW's suspension should've went thru tomorrow" by Mark, posted at 16:26:27 03/14/19]

There were only 2 or 3 times all game long they all got up and really got into it.

OSU pretty much silenced those fans from the start, and with each rally OSU had a key play or two to sit them back down. It was magical.

On a funny note while fans on this Forum were blasting the refs thinking they were jobbing OSU, IU fans in the Arena seemed even more upset.

CH got hot a few times, but Miller was irate 10 times more seemingly. CH does it more under control and picks his spots.

I find it funny how fans think their teams get jobbed by the refs nearly every game. Both teams fans feel this way most of the time. The reality is Basketball is very hard to officiate now because there is body contact on most every possession and they cannot call everything. Then there is the traveling that should be called more, but is called enough so that the game does not turn into an AAU style of garbage NBA light type of game.

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