Really? I think today should lay to rest all the concern on here about the RB position....

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By jh6847 on 11:32:19 04/13/19
[In reply to "The high point of this snoozefest was the proposal at halftime. I have no more idea of what to expect this fall now than" by woodog, posted at 11:21:02 04/13/19]

JK looked faster on his limited work
Master looked good
Crowley looked like he is going to hurt some people
Then you have McCall who was not even playing
So the RB position is fine.

Next the OLine played OK. Only returning starter did not play but they did ok. Even though they were split. Obviously the D line won the day in the trenches but they should have.

DB's made some big plays. We were missing that last year. Riep will be pushing for play time. Wint also looking for play time.

Seemed like more throws to the TE than all of last year combined.

Fields has accuracy issues currently. He was made out to be a plug and play player but he is not. He needs to keep working thru fall camp to improve or else he may lose the starting spot. You cannot complete 30% of your passes and start.
Baldwin has work to do as well. Throws to many things up for grabs in my opinion.

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