While I agree he was not impressive throwing the ball .....

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By jh6847 on 21:04:50 04/13/19
[In reply to "I don't know but I will play devil's advocate. I thought Fields release looked a hair slow and.." by JukeBucks Hero, posted at 15:52:27 04/13/19]

I think you have to remember the line had zero returning starters playing. There were D line players coming free a lot against both him and Baldwin.
Also, him getting his hand dinged up could have had an effect.

But I agree there is a lot of work to do for both QB's.

Now I know Fields is an amazing runner, however I was impressed the couple of times Baldwin ran out of the pocket to get away from pressure. Considering that is not his strength and he was seeing his first live action since an ACL tear.

I have 3 concerns - Fields getting more accurate, the Oline coming together, and the D not giving up big plays. If the coaches can fix those things it will be a magical year!

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