Other than OUR game, I have the TV on all day/night Sat, but don't WATCH them like I do ours...first priority as far (m

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By BuckeyeDale on 08:46:02 04/16/19
[In reply to "Question for the board - do you look forward to watching players from other teams if they are special..." by jh6847, posted at 07:40:00 04/16/19]

as watching other games is a team we'll play later. But I do love CFB overall.

: Or do you only watch them if they play for OSU?

: Some examples - Barry Sanders at Oklahoma State, AP when he was at Oklahoma, Ricky Williams at Texas, Marcus Allen at USC are some older examples.

: But people like Moore at Purdue, Lamar Jackson when he was at UL, Cooper when he was at Alabama, etc.

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