I watch as many games as I can every Saturday. SO I guess my answer is yes, BUT... (M)

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By HINYG8 on 08:46:14 04/16/19
[In reply to "Question for the board - do you look forward to watching players from other teams if they are special..." by jh6847, posted at 07:40:00 04/16/19]

I think I have a nasty case of Schadenfreude. If it isn't an OSU game I think I am more rooting against a team than I am excited to see a player or other team do well.

In most cases I'll admit I watch other teams and players with hopes of seeing failures/losses more so than 'special' performances.

For example, I watch a lot of TSUN football..and am hoping to see them come off the rails every time. I watch Bama and Clemson with fingers crossed for an upset. I watch Heisman kids hoping they have an off day so our guy can move up the ladder....and so on.

But mostly I watch the games. As many of them as I can...from the noon game to the late west coast start. I'll watch even if it's Hawaii vs Tulane..or whatever. I just love the sport.

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