My biggest concern remains the LBers, and I don't think putting in whatever role Peppers played is a fix (M)

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By HINYG8 on 10:18:20 04/16/19

I have no idea if Peppers is a good football player..but the hype was off the charts and the production was in the dumpster.

If he is a good athlete..TSUN schemed him out of being a defensive game changer.

I don't think drifting a player into no man's land where he is half safety, half LBer will help us. I'd rather put another safety out there in the nickel or go with 3 LBers and coach them to play contain rather than run wild trying to make a BIG PLAY and instead taking themselves out of the flow and leaving themselves committed to getting burned if they don't predict the play call exactly right and hit the grand slam.

I hope I am proven way wrong, but I felt like we had three guys playing whatever the hell it was Peppers was doing on defense..and it cost us dearly.

I'm hoping one of the X and Os gurus on this board can educate me, explain why I am wrong, and make me feel better about the chatter around the hybrid safety. Folks talk like it was a success with Peppers..I thought it was a mess.

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