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By HINYG8 on 12:34:14 04/16/19
[In reply to "i think thats overly simplistic. offensive football has changed a wee bit since when Whtner played that role..." by Brutus, posted at 12:15:36 04/16/19]

What is happening schematically or talent wise that leads you to believe reinstalling the star (and calling it the bullet) is a good idea?

Agree offenses have progressed..but this is not a new idea. I don't think it worked very well for TSUN and I don't think we have the personnel to make it a monster here. Do you think our OLBers are good enough to pick up the middle if it is vacated when the bullet has to drop back into coverage?

Offenses have gotten faster...and the fast teams torch the hybrid. Not fast enough for the speed guys, not strong enough for the bulls. I'd like to see 3 LBers rather than dropping one out in favor of an extra DL or a hybrid safety.

Again, JMO but I truly believe the LBer corps is why we were gouged repeatedly last year and couldn't get off the field on third down. I don't see how going with two of them will help..unless it is third and long and clearly a nickel situation.

I get new coaching, new scheme, new deal. But I don't see a major upgrade in the LB how is going with less of them going to help?

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