The kid was already able to do that under the old rule, just had to sit out a year.

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By wigmon on 08:34:15 04/17/19
[In reply to "I don’t get the angst over this if a kid has graduated. Who cares if they go somewhere else for a year or " by Nashville, posted at 08:09:02 04/17/19]

a rule was added because after under graduate work is complete, students often look to further their education and often at a different institution. the rule (immediate eligibility) was added to as a good will gesture to students looking to continue their education if their current school didn't offer the graduate program they wanted.

Its turned into something else that wasn't intended and a form of free agency. The harm is to the integrity of the college game and the member institutions of the ncaa. The largest benefactors are the college coaches of teams looking for a hired gun to help them win. The penalty suggested doesn't change the benefit for the athlete, but seeks to prevent coaches from just taking hired guns every year.

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