Hafley is interesting to me because I'm not sure where he wants to be in five years.

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By Gerd on 10:48:30 04/17/19
[In reply to "If OSU can create a path to keep Hafley and Hartline for more than a year or two, OSU recruiting will be off the" by Smartwater, posted at 10:28:42 04/17/19]

Is he an NFL head coach or a college head coach? That's always the question for me. Recruiting is a pain for some. Others love it.

He does hold the same opinion as other guys who came from the NFL: recruiting players is better than drafting, but it's a lot more work.

I talked to him a bit last week at the coaches clinic and he talked about not being anywhere for more than a couple of years for a long time. Maybe he's getting to the point where he's about ready to settle.

Being a coordinator at Ohio State puts you one or two steps away from a head coaching job that is no longer a stepping stone.

Here's Hafley from his first presser on the difference and similarities of college and pro:

Q. Seven years since you've been out recruiting, stepping back into that, that adjustment from really dealing with men in the NFL, some were in their 30s, right, so trying to deal with 18-year-old kids, how are you going to make that adjustment, and have you talked to Coach Day about his expectations, what he expects out of recruiting?
JEFF HAFLEY: Well, the recruiting, I think he expects me to go out and get the best players. That's what I expect out of myself. When I was at Pitt, I did it for a long time. I recruited some really good players. Getting on the road, yeah, getting on airplanes and traveling, I had to get used to doing that again. I got a little tired going from city to city, but that's exciting because we don't have to draft them now, we get to go pick them, so I get more than one pick. Coach tells me you get two DB's in this draft. I get more than two DB's now. We get to go evaluate, we get to go pick them, and if we want them, we'd better work and get them, and that fires me up to give us a chance to do it. And I believe I have the experience with what I've learned over the last seven years to give a lot to offer these guys.

And as far as the NFL player compared to the college player, see, I saw that when I entered the league. I coached Ronde Barber who was 37 years old, I was 31. He told me, all players want to be told what to do and how hard to do it, and he said, if you do that and have a relationship with them, you'll be fine.

I think the misconception is that it's different. I don't believe it is. I mean, Richard Sherman will call me, we'll talk just as close as I've been with 18, 19 year olds. You want to develop relationships. You want to develop trust. You want the guy to run through a wall for you because he knows he has your back, because he knows you love him, and you want that relationship no matter how old they are, and I think the same will go with these guys as it did coaching in the NFL. So I'm excited, though. I'm excited to get back on the road and recruit. I am.

: charts. Those guys, plus Day creating his own identity, are an amazing foundation. QBs will want to play for Day, as we know. WRs will be kicking the door down to get in Hartline's room. And if Hafley is around, DBs are going to realize he is the future. He is no joke, going to be a great one.

: Mattison and Johnson are almost done, so Hafley is the man, if you can keep him. Hartline might be inspired to learn coordinating and play calling, so that might be enough to satiate him for a few years. Otherwise, someone is going to offer him a million a year and a big title, pro or college, sooner rather than later. But, I would take a Day, Hartline, Hafley base against anybody in the country. Players will begin to really understand that over the course of the 2019 season and come to OSU in droves.

: Some are worried about recruiting right now. To not have a drop off in the transition between Meyer and Day would be a miracle. But OSU has the right people to be better than Meyer, if they can keep them around.

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