You and the entire NFL is in love with young, thin coaches. My girlfriend is excited too. Me? I liked fat, balding Meyer

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By Tom Zak on 11:18:21 04/17/19
[In reply to "If OSU can create a path to keep Hafley and Hartline for more than a year or two, OSU recruiting will be off the" by Smartwater, posted at 10:28:42 04/17/19]

dying on the sidelines, but putting 100 on Michigan and Washington.

Larry Johnson is the best football coach in America, and he's a diabetic senior citizen.

I appreciate your excitement about all these young, hot glistening coaches prowling around the OSU campus...but they are all just rented mules to me who must satisfy my unrealistic demands for excellence.

: charts. Those guys, plus Day creating his own identity, are an amazing foundation. QBs will want to play for Day, as we know. WRs will be kicking the door down to get in Hartline's room. And if Hafley is around, DBs are going to realize he is the future. He is no joke, going to be a great one.

: Mattison and Johnson are almost done, so Hafley is the man, if you can keep him. Hartline might be inspired to learn coordinating and play calling, so that might be enough to satiate him for a few years. Otherwise, someone is going to offer him a million a year and a big title, pro or college, sooner rather than later. But, I would take a Day, Hartline, Hafley base against anybody in the country. Players will begin to really understand that over the course of the 2019 season and come to OSU in droves.

: Some are worried about recruiting right now. To not have a drop off in the transition between Meyer and Day would be a miracle. But OSU has the right people to be better than Meyer, if they can keep them around.

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