I really couldn't care less. If you know even a little about this series, you know (m)

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By BuckeyeJeff on 04:50:39 04/18/19
[In reply to "Will we catch Michigan and tie the series within the next 10 years? *" by OscarSierraUniform, posted at 04:31:37 04/18/19]

they built up their advantage before WWI ended.

The series started off 0-13-2 for us. Thanks solely to Chic Harley, we won the next 3 but then lost the next 6.

Since 1927, the series is 48-40-4 for Ohio State. Since 1918, it's 51-46-4 for us.

Considering we've owned them completely for almost 20 years on top of that, if it makes Michigan fans feel better knowing they owned us before the forward pass, so be it.

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