My favorite was post ND Fiesta Bowl (m)

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By asante on 08:36:23 05/14/19
[In reply to "I saw the post below about Kellen Winslow and it reminded me of his Father" by Moonmadness, posted at 06:53:42 05/14/19]

Jack Arute, or whoever, grabbed him post-game on the field and instead of asking about how great the Buckeyes played to dominate ND, his first question was about whether or not Gonzalez really fumbled away to Zbikowski who would have scored and sent momentum to ND...

"That was a hard one to see. That game is so fast. It looked to me like an incompletion, but I don't know. But I was looking here on the stats and we had 617 yards, so there were some other important plays."

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