I loved his response about a gentlemen’s agreement about recruiting in the B1G ...

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By MSBucks on 12:16:22 05/14/19
[In reply to "I saw the post below about Kellen Winslow and it reminded me of his Father" by Moonmadness, posted at 06:53:42 05/14/19]

: I do not remember the forum but after Ohio State beat Miami for the National Championship they were together and an irate Father Winslow asked Tressel:

: "What is your definition of Pass Interference?"

: Tressel replied "When the guy in the black and white striped shirt and the funny pants throws a flag, it's pass interference"

: I think that might have been my favorite Tressel moment. It totally deflated Father Winslow.

I believe it was about a player recruited by scUM and Purdue:

“Among gentlemen there is.”

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