Actually, it is fundamentally and schematicall true. The QB may have all the talent in the world (m)

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By WolfsBane on 14:24:50 05/14/19
[In reply to "Least favorite would be "the quarterback is a product of those around him". That applies to an extent, but it was mostly" by JK's Jump Cut, posted at 12:54:34 05/14/19]

... all the leadership qualities, and all the intangibles. But any decent DC with adequate talent at it's disposal can negate an offense with a great QB talent but poor support. His support system has to win their individual matches, and sometimes, just plain take over to come open enough and give the QB enough confidence the thread the needle when needed. And of course, he has to have a clean pocket.

In 2015 and 2016, the offense failure was largely schematic. And we had fantastic talent, but everyone on offense was in a different page. Everything we tried looked forced.

2014 was the perfect example of a team stepping up for a young QB. The talent was obviously there in Cardale at QB. But his reps had been very limited during the regular season. The staff put together a plan that simplified the playbook for him, but allowed players to play fast those last 3 games. And guys like Marshall, both Smiths, and Thomas just took over games for him. Not to mention Zeke and our OL. Everyone knew they had to take their game to the next level and rally around Cardale... and they did. Not just on offense either.

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