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By Gerd on 14:29:55 05/14/19
[In reply to "Your favorite Urban quotes, commonly used phrases, or general speak? *" by Barrett777, posted at 12:18:49 05/14/19]

This was the day of his introduction as Ohio State head coach. A few of us on the beat stuck around afterward talking to Jerry Emig, who is the OSU SID. I know at least me, John, and Brandon Castel were there, and there was at least one other guy on the beat. Anyway, Urban and Shelley are catching up with former BG QB Josh Harris, who was in the audience. When that got done, Jerry introduced us all to Urban and the first thing he says is, "Which one of you guys works for Rivals."

In other words, he was ready to start recruiting and wanted to know the guys who covered it.

I knew recruiting was going to pick up before that day, but that was a reminder of what was coming.

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