Generally, a great QB lifts his teammates more than great teammates lift a QB. Coaching/scheme plays a huge role as well

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By JK's Jump Cut on 15:05:33 05/14/19
[In reply to "Actually, it is fundamentally and schematicall true. The QB may have all the talent in the world (m)" by WolfsBane, posted at 14:24:50 05/14/19]

Take Dwayne away from this year's offense, particularly the offensive line, and I'm afraid of what the results would have been.

The 2014 team was special, no question, but did the rest of the team make Cardale better? I'd argue they, particularly Zeke and the O line, were so good it meant Cardale didn't have to be special. His job was primarily to not lose the game, and the coaches did what they could to see that happened by limiting the number of throws in the middle of the field.

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