OSU has won 3 NC games since 68. The 3 starting QBs combined for as many rushing TD's (3) as passing TDs (3). 5 TO's (m)

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By Barrett777 on 15:49:49 05/14/19

Ironically it was Rex Kern with 2 passing TD's, 0 picks and 0 rushing TD's.

Cardale and Craig combined for 1 passing TD between them, 3 Interceptions, but 3 rushing TD's. They also had two fumbles lost.

OSU's Defense was dominant in the NC games forcing 11 Turnovers, and then thwarting Oregon by holding them to 2-14 on 3rd and 4th down conversions.

In the 2002 NC game all 31 of OSU's points started on the Miami 37 yardline or closer to the Goal Line. No drives of any length in that game. OSU's Defense forced 5 TO's.

The Defense was HUGE in all 3 of those NC games.

Also huge against Bama with the Pick 6 at a very needed part of the game. OSU loses very few games when they get a TD off of a defensive forced TO.

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