Holtmann and recent basketball coaching discussions since JB left scUM...

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By 1flybuckeye on 07:18:46 05/15/19

Holtmann has had success on the court so far with what limited talent he took over from Thad, and he has had success on the recruiting trail so far, notably this upcoming class for 19-20.

Let's say he succeeds here for the next couple years, recruiting and perhaps E8, F4, NC appearances/wins, etc...I read some posts suggesting that we could lose him to a top-tier basketball program along the likes of a UK, Duke, UNC, UCLA, insert any blue blood team here...but if he makes tOSU into one of those schools, would tOSU pay him whatever he wants to stay on board?

Or do most think he would jump to the allure and prestige of taking a job with higher stature in CBB? Like a CFB coach wanting to jump from a VAtech, Mizzou, Wash St. mid-tier good school to that of an Ohio State, Bama, USC, Oklahoma type gig.

Do you think Holtmann would gravitate towards staying with his success and tOSU paying whatever he wants, or if the right school came calling, then he would split?

After all, isn't he the third highest paid coach in the country? That would suggest to me that we already are a CBB blue blood, but the on-court performances through Thad's transition to Holtmann have not shown we belong with the elites of the CBB world...despite his high salary and despite all the recent cheating in recruiting that has been taking place seemingly everywhere.

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