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By Gerd on 09:24:52 05/15/19

The Rundown

+ Justice Sueing is a Buckeye.

+ What will he bring to the team?

+ An improvement on Andre Wesson in 2020-2021?

+ Combine Sueing with EJ Liddell, Alonzo Gaffney, and possibly Kaleb Wesson and you have depth and talent.

+ The 2020-2021 team could be the best at Ohio State in close to a decade.

+ The Kalen Etzler commitment.

+ But why are there not a lot of big offers for a Top 50-ish guy?

+ Does Tom invent the word “trajectable?”

+ John Beilein going to the Cavs.

+ Were you surprised?

+ The dude has coached at every level now.

+ He made his players better every year.

+ Great basketball mind.

+ Will he do well in Cleveland?

+ Was this a George Steinbrenner-Drew Henson type of moment for Ohio State-Michigan?

+ Let’s revisit how good Drew Henson was.

+ When Steinbrenner pried Henson away from Michigan, they were gutted.

+ If Henson is on the 2001 Michigan football team, Jim Tressel doesn’t start 1-0 against Michigan.

+ Comparing Drew Henson to Tom Brady.

+ Let’s talk about Tom Brady at Michigan.

+ We talk about the greatest opposing quarterback performances against the Buckeyes.

+ Phillip Rivers isn’t statistically on the list.

+ How do you give up 621 yards passing in 1981?

+ Drew Brees was pretty darn good.

+ Tom Brady was forgettable at Michigan, so how did become the GOAT?

+ He was no different than a Dreisbach or Navarre.

+ Even back then, Michigan fans wanted Brady on the bench for Drew Henson.

+ Enjoying all of the different people who claim they made Tom Brady great.

+ ‘Sup Notre Dame fans.

+ Nick Saban had to move to a lesser conference to become a winner.

+ Five-star quarterback JJ McCarthy commits to Ohio State.

+ The future of JJ McCarthy vs. Kyle McCord.

+ How often have the UM and OSU QB commits had offers from both schools over the years?

+ Thankfully Tom did the research.

+ Michigan’s quarterback recruiting hasn’t been great until recently.

+ Next year will likely be the first year a Jim Harbaugh recruit starts at quarterback for Michigan.

+ A Michigan recruit says McCarthy won’t get sacked in college.

+ OSU defensive end commit Jack Sawyer says, “O Rly?”

+ We love it, but be careful that you don’t end up on the Kyle Kalis side of history.

+ Hate is great and telling us about it is greater.

+ But just be careful about getting blood on the field that is only your own.

+ The more hostility the better.

+ It’s looking like Ohio State for Julian Fleming.

+ What kind of prospect is he?

+ Brian Hartline is pretty, pretty, pretty good.

+ How good does that make OSU’s receiving class in 2020?

+ Where do these guys project on the field?

+ Buckeyes need to see something from Jaylen Harris this year to make it not a concern in 2020.

+ Let’s talk TV.

+ FOX’s top game every week will be at 12:00 pm this season.

+ We like this but know you might not.

+ This gives you FOX’s biggest game at noon, then a big SEC game at 3:30 on CBS, then big games at night as well.

+ It’s awesome, not that we get to see any of it.

+ The bigger games can be more spread out now and you don’t have to switch between games.

+ This also gives FOX a shot with their Saturday morning pregame show lead-in.

+ Night games are not good for anybody.

+ 8pm games on the road SUCK!

+ We explain why you are wrong to not like noon games.

+ You should stop being selfish.


+ Thank you for listening to us whine.

+ One listener question.

+ Who are the greatest Ohio State players who go by their initials?

+ Who is the greatest? JT Barrett? AJ Hawk? JK Dobbins?

+ Tony put together an entire OSU team who went by their initials, almost.

+ JT Moore has to play all four defensive line positions for the Buckeyes. Sorry.

+ Tony puts together a cheatful group of linebackers.

+ AJ Trapasso is second-team punter on this team behind BJ Sander.

+ Tony plays a game and asks Tom to give the year that certain Buckeye names played.

+ First: Merle Wendt.

+ Second: Emil Slovak.

+ Third: Gust Zarnas.

+ Thanks for listening.

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