While I am a horse racing fan, the Miracle On Ice does not get enough credit....

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By jh6847 on 09:12:07 06/09/19
[In reply to "46 yrs ago today, Secretariat's 31 length victory in Belmont beyond belief. That & Miracle on Ice my most impressive " by Buckmich, posted at 08:36:07 06/09/19]

To put it in perspective this was a bunch of college players beating the Dream Team back in the day.
I know a lot of folks do not remember but back then USA sent college players to the Olympics. The Russians sent their pros. The Russian team was an incredible team of well established super stars.
The USA team out skated and out played them.

The 59-0 game was set up to be a good game no matter how CJ played. Both defenses were playing well. Both teams could run the ball. The fact CJ played well made OSU into a train that UW could not get out of the way of. Not as impressive in my book. I was far more impressed with the 62-39 game this past season.

Secretariat was a beast! He was by far the best horse I have ever seen. He was the favorite to win. Yes, he won going away. Yes he set all kinds of records. But he was supposed to win.

So to me the most impressive was the Miracle On Ice.

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