The intro to the 2007UM Buckeye Watch is a bit much...

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By Gerd on 09:52:18 06/09/19

Mike Hart was finally silenced on Saturday, but he’ll no doubt talk about how things would have been different if he had been healthy.

Hey Mike, do you think your injuries actually contributed to your offensive line being destroyed all game long?

Do you think Chad Henne’s bad shoulder made his linemen look like the world’s five largest matadors?

So before you even start chirping, your team was beaten up front on nearly every single play. You weren’t going anywhere. Henne wasn’t going anywhere. And even if he was healthy, your receivers weren’t catching anything anyway.

Your team was beaten on every play, and it wasn’t just because they were outplayed. Your receivers’ arms grew shorter with every snap. Your teammates quit.

That’s some pretty spectacular leadership, Mike.

Way to get your troops rallied.

What was your pregame speech like? “Hey guys, when things start going bad, let’s just pack it in, okay?”

No player has ever deserved to be 0-4 in this series more than you. You should be proud of that accomplishment.

Whoops, I’ve turned the Buckeye Watch into an open letter to Mike Hart.

I don’t care. I’m so happy to see somebody so classless be so winless.

I bet you don’t need to be held back by anybody now, do you Mike?

Oh well, there’s always your bowl game.

Hopefully you won’t end up 0-4 there too.

10:20 Desmond Howard puts the “POS” in “Heisman pose”.

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